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Focus Days

About Focus Days

The Middle School schedule is built around its signature Focus Day program. Core subject classes meet over the course of four days (Monday - Thursday) to allow for a full-day of dedicated hands-on learning that helps students synthesize material and deepen their classroom learning. Focus Days are a true adventure, taking students out of the typical classroom setting and turning Middle School into what it should be–a place where learning is fun, curiosity is nurtured, and teamwork is the norm.

The Focus Day schedule is thoughtfully designed to coordinate with classroom learning–often connecting to content from the week or the most recent unit. Though some  Focus Days are long-standing traditions, faculty are constantly innovating–adding, adjusting, or creating entirely new experiences to keep content and skill-building relevant and engaging. Like their students, faculty work in teams on Focus Days, bringing together experts in different disciplines to create a truly interdisciplinary learning experience.

Focus Days 2022 - 2023